Have you ever felt the magic experience of being in nature and suddenly feeling totally different.
All daily struggles are vanishing into the earth and time doesn’t seem to exist. It’s been proven that presence of nature improves our well-being. It acts as a refugee for the mind and it literally slows you down.
But coming home into your daily routine the whole feeling quickly disappears.

Artist Bio by Corine Hörmann

My name is Corine Hörmann and I am a Dutch photographer.
Through my work I am trying to bring the outside world into our homes and offices to keep that sense of wonder and to keep that connection with nature.
The images are meant to slow you down and make you think.

Using pinhole photography is great for this purpose because it’s a very authentic way to record images.
A pinhole camera is nothing more then a lightproof box with only a tiny little hole in it, instead of a lens. Inside the box at the opposite side of the pinhole an image appears. The image can be preserved by putting material which is sensitive to light at the side where the image shows up.
It is literally a slow form of photography because of the long exposure times and the amount of time the whole process takes.

I grew up in a very industrial area near Rotterdam in The Netherlands and even though being in nature is important to me but it hasn’t always been around.
My family and I lived in the shadow of an oil refinery which was producing this horrible smell at a regular base. One day there was carbon black falling out of the skye for quite a while, like black snow.
Being a kid I didn’t know any better and loved this “black snow” even though it seemed to stick on our doorstep for ages.

In our neighborhood there were this small pieces of wasteland where I used to play.
Climbing in the pollard willows roaming through the bushes for hours on ends and picking flowers in summer and spring.
I loved being there although the place was surrounded by highways.

Later in life I moved to the north of The Netherlands, Groningen to study scenography at the academy of arts.
I lived in one of the few major cities in the north and the area itself is very rural especially when you compare it to where I come from.
The first time that I got out of my new city was during a bicycle tour with a friend. She showed me the countryside and I was struck by the landscape, the smell and tranquility of it all. The whole experience was just very magical to me.

Shortly after I went on a trip to Lapland in the north of Scandinavia with some fellow students from The Netherlands and Finland and that experience was even more impressive.
On that trip I took a home-made pinhole camera with me. I hadn’t finished building it actually so I did that in a hotelroom in Helsinki when we stayed there overnight. I still use the same pinhole camera.
That trip I took a whole lot of pinholes. I had no idea what the outcome would be but I loved doing it.

After coming back the results turned out to be amazingly well.
I dropped out of my scenography studies to pick up photography and getting my degree only a few years later in 1998.
I have been making pinhole images from nature ever since. Trying to find another gateway to reality.

My photos are exhibited nationally and internationally. They were shown amongst others at Paris Photo, DFOTO Feria in San Sebastian, Spain, Art Rotterdam. My work has been acquired for several collections including the Dutch Photomuseum Rotterdam in the Netherlands.

I was a finalist at the International Photography Awards, one shot, the landscape, nominated for the Blooom Award by Warsteiner and shortlisted for the Hariban Award.
In addition, I was nominated for the Contemporary Talents Award of the Francois Schneider Foundation in Wattwiller, France.

Besides my photography I work as an educator at Noorderlicht, an international platform for photography.
Before that I was a teacher at the Photo Academy in Amsterdam for 12 years.

On a regular basis I give workshops pinhole photography at various schools in primary, secondary, vocational and higher education. Companies can also contact me for a workshop during a corporate event or training.