Welcome to my new shop where you can buy limited edition prints. All prints are numbered, signed at the back and come with a certificate of authenticity.
Editions are sold in different sizes and prices.

Prints are now available through my own shop.
The prints are all digital c-prints which is a photographic print that has been exposed using lasers or LED lights. After the exposure the paper is processed in photographic chemicals, pretty much like the old way.
The prints are produced with a Lambda Printer.
C-prints or lambda prints are known for their realistic appearance and their long-lasting colorfast.

All prints are checked for color, contrast and irregularities before shipping.
All print files are carefully edited and tested to ensure the best possible quality. This is also the reason that not all my work is (yet) for sale here.
More images will be added in the coming weeks.
If you have seen a work that you would like but is not for sale here, feel free to contact me.
Also if you would like any other editions, sizes or types of prints or if you have any other questions.

Would you like your print to be framed or some advice about it?
Please do not hesitate to contact me. I’ll be happy to discuss the possibilities.

All prints are delivered with a 1,5 cm white border for easy framing.

Available sizes:

  • Small
    Image size 38 x 30 cm – Paper size 41 x 33 cm
  • Medium
    Image size 60 x 47 cm – Paper size 63 x 50 cm
  • Large
    Image size 90 x 70 cm – Paper size 93 x 73 cm


Touched by the Sea

The Dutch Wadden Sea region.
Images made with an exposure time from 24 hours up to a whole week showing the path that the sun describes in the sky.
Trying to show a world in which expiring time is visual and connects with the unknown.