Test of Time 2

Test of Time 2


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Pinhole PhotographySlide thumbnail

Looking at the mystery of nature

Have you ever felt the magic experience of being in nature and suddenly feeling totally different. All daily struggles are vanishing into the earth and time doesn’t seem to exist.

It’s been proven that presence of nature improves our well-being. It acts as a refugee for the mind and it literally slows you down.
But coming home into your daily routine the whole feeling quickly disappears.

My name is Corine Hörmann and I am a Dutch photographer. Through my work I am trying to bring the outside world into our homes and offices to keep that sense of wonder and to keep that connection with nature.
The images are meant to slow you down and make you think. Using pinhole photography is great for this purpose. It’s a very authentic way to record images. A pinhole camera is nothing more then a lightproof box with only a tiny little hole in it, instead of a lens. Inside the box at the opposite side of the pinhole an image appears. The image can be preserved by putting material which is sensitive to light at the side where the image shows up.
It is literally a slow form of photography because of the long exposure times and the amount of time the whole process takes.

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Wad 3


My latest work is included in the exhibition “Improvisaties op wind, water, wad”. This exhibition can be seen from 29-5-2015 to 13-9-2015 in Museum Belvédère Heerenveen.

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Test of Time 2


This image was chosen to be published in the exhibition “A Process” of Der Greif. Der Greif is a project for contemporary photography and literature with focus on photography.

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The Elftheater


This photo named “The Elftheater” was part of the exhibition “Droomkunst” in the Singer Museum Laren. Showing works from the collection of Gerard van Wezel.

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Blue #4


People learned the basics of photography during a workshop pinhole photography in my studio. The workshop was part of the week for Members of the Rabobank Groningen.

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Timeline Study 3


Nomination for Contemporary Talents Award 2012 of the François Schneider Foundation. A competition which is all about the theme of water. Since water is essential to all life.

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Mythe van de natuur


Artwork that was created as part of the manifestation “Myths of Nature”. It shows pinhole images based on how nature is seen through the eyes of children.

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Workshop Pinhole fotografie


A community art project where young people take pinhole photos based on the principles of “Urban Explorers”. Leave nothing but footprints, take nothing but photographs.

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Long exposures


A work commissioned by housing corporation Nijestee. The work is part of a project in which several porches were provided with an artwork in cooperation with the residents.

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