Project Description


This series is made along the coast of The Wadden Sea which is a national park in the Netherlands, Germany and Denmark. It’s on the Unesco World Heritage list because of its ecological importance as the world’s largest unbroken system of intertidal sands and mud flats.
It is a landscape which is constantly changing before your eyes. Maybe by a certain incidence of light or just the blowing of the wind.
What attracts me in this landscape is the natural process of change and the continuation of time which are very visible here. In each image I try to show the present and at the same time the past.
All the images are made with a pinhole camera and a pretty long exposure time. Some of the images are made with an exposure time of one and a half minute and others with an exposure time of a whole week. In those pictures you will see the path that the sun describes in the sky during a day. The lines are sometimes interrupted which means that it was cloudy at that moment.
Some other “sunpaths” are made by doing some light painting using the sun.

The images are part of an ongoing project in which I am visualizing the whole wadden Sea coast in the Netherlands, Germany and Denmark. For the project I began close to home for practical reasons and later further away.
This series is as much about the landscape itself as it is about my own feelings towards this landscape and life in general.
The landscape of the Wadden Sea is just a perfect setting for this.

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