Museum Belvédère

Pinhole Photography by Corine Hörmann

Exhibition “Improvisaties op wind, water, Wad” in Museum Belvédère

My latest work is included in the exhibition “Improvisaties op wind, water, Wad”.
This exhibition can be seen from 29-5-2015 to 13-9-2015 in Museum Belvédère Heerenveen.

For this exhibition I created new work which can be seen as a continuation of the series Test of Time.

The pictures show the path that the sun describes in the sky and its reflection on the water. The line is sometimes interrupted which means that it was cloudy at that moment. During the process I discovered that I am attracted by the cyclic movement of time and water as an important aspect of our human existence and as the most mysterious thing there is.

The images were made with a pinhole camera and an exposure time from 8 until 48 hours.

The landscape of the Wadden Sea is one that is constantly changing before your eyes. Maybe by a certain incidence of light or the blowing of the wind. The natural process of change and the continuation of time are very visible here.

That ‘s why the area is very inspiring at the moment and plans for a larger project around this theme slowly begin to develop.

In the meanwhile I am happy that my work is part of this great exhibition and is shown in the catalog which has been published with it.

Eddie Marsman wrote an article about my working process in the april issue of the journal Noorderbreedte.

On a cold February day he came with me to place cameras. I would not have said it any better.
The article (Dutch) can be read on the website of Werkmanslust Eddie Marsman or pdf.

Showing recent work created along the Wadden Sea here.

Showing older work created along the Wadden Sea from the series Which Bird Are You, Blue and Blue Part II

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