The series Blue and Blue Part II show the viewer photos made in the Wadden Sea region. It is a landscape that is constantly changing before your eyes, for example, by a specific incidence of light or just by the blowing of the wind. It is a world where dunes walk, disappear or emerge and where the sea comes and goes. I try to express this natural process of change in the series Blue using the different shades of blue that arise in the landscape. Depending on the intention of the light.

Although these photographs are about the beauty of the eternal continuation of time and not about the threat to the landscape, one can no longer doubt the question: how long?
The title of the series “Blue” has a double meaning here; is the predominant colour in the landscape just blue, or is there more to it? The word blue also has another meaning that is less positive than the colour suggests.
Is that feeling right, and should we be depressed when it comes to the future of this landscape?
Some photographs from the Blue Part II series show this ambiguity. Beauty in combination with military exercises and increasing recreational pressure.