As a business, you can hire me for corporate events and teambuilding. During the event, we work with ready-made pinhole cameras. These are nothing more than lightproof boxes with a tiny hole instead of a lens in the middle of one side.
All participants develop their photos in a darkroom specially built for the occasion.

In this workshop, participants learn to look at the world with different eyes. 
To wonder and to discover their own world of new associations. The pinhole camera is very useful here because that small hole has a different way of looking at the world than our own eyes do or the lens of a camera.
During the process, participants communicate, consult and help each other.

A workshop can take place at any location.
Sometimes it is not possible to build a dark room. In that case, there are light-proof tents available in which we can develop the photos.

As a reminder of the workshop, the photos can be incorporated into one big artwork.
You can hang this on the walls of the company building.
The workshop can also go together with a (temporary) company exhibition of the work.

A workshop will cost between € 100 – and € 700 – depending on the duration and extras.
For more information and related costs, feel free to contact me.
You can also look at this blog post about a workshop pinhole photography for members of the Rabobank.