For businesses there is a possibility to hire me for corporate events and teambuilding. In this workshop we work with a pinhole camera. That’s a light proof box with, in the middle of one side, a tiny hole instead of a lens.
The participants develop the photo’s themselves.

They are challenged to look to the surroundings with different eyes. To wonder and to discover their own world of association. Because that small hole has a different way of looking at the world then that our own eyes do or the lens of a camera does.

Together we can choose the location.
For the development of the pictures there are light-proof tents available.

As a reminder of the workshop the photo’s can be incorporated in one big picture to hang on the walls of the company building.
The workshop can also go together with a company exhibition of my own work.

For more information and related costs feel free to contact me or take a look at this blogpost about a workshop pinhole photography for members of the Rabobank.

Pinhole fotografie workshop