In this workshop students learn the basics of photography.
They learn how to make pictures in a very special way because a pinhole camera is nothing more than a lightproof box with only a tiny little hole in it.
Each individual student first builds a pinhole camera before he or she gets to work with it. They also learn how to develop the pictures they make in an improvised darkroom.
Everyone will be surprised by the results of this magical way of working.
Afterwards students can scan the pictures they made and as a contrast to this historical way of working also use some digital techniques.

Students learn how to capture the world in another way.
The pinhole camera is a very suitable tool for this because the small hole looks at the world differently than our eyes or the lens of a camera.
A pinhole image has this unique look and feel where everything ordinary becomes special.
Students explore what impact perspective has on the image and use their creativity and imagination.

It is also possible to adjust a workshop to suit your needs.
For example we can work with topics such as the history of photography, new media, nature, light and the environment or even built a pinhole room. A pinhole room is a giant walk in pinhole camera on real life scale.
Apart from the classes art – and cultural education, this workshop also fits well in physics and math classes and is actually cross curricular. A practical class can be preceded by a theory class about pinhole photography in which light and the working of light are explained.
The workshop can also be combined with a presentation of my own work as a photographer combined with a visit to my studio.

For this workshop we need a room which can easily be darkened.
In this darkroom we develop the pictures. For example a room where it is possible to darken the windows with black plastic. But even a large walk in closet will do.

The workshop takes from one hour minimum to a whole week.
By choice options can be left out or combined with each other.
Construction sets are available to make the cameras.
For very short workshops readymade cameras are available.

A maximum of 15 students can participate in this workshop.
In case of more than 15 students we can split up the group in two parts.

A workshop will cost between € 100, – and € 700, –
For more information and related costs feel free to contact me.
You can also read this blogpost about a workshop pinhole photography showing a short video by Hans ten Berge for local television.